#147 - Get Me Grandma’s Pastor!

Hey Folks, and welcome to another episode of Drinking Alone, With Friends! This week Tud has a lap-mate in the form of one of our oldest friends, Nick! Nick makes his podcast debut 147 episodes in with a beer so descriptive and unique that he is almost at a loss for words to describe it. Tud tries a Smooj-alike from CT, Obert drinks a Chris beer in fears they will all be demolished before next recording and Chris has a spectacular beer courtesy of Kiwi aka New Tud!

For you listeners out there that are worried, don't be! You will get your weekly banana fact like you are guaranteed when listening to the podcast! #updatebananaflavoring


We are taking a week off while Tud, Nick and Obert all hike and possibly get lost or fight bears or something! See you all in 2 weeks!


FOUR Handles on Our Frosty Mug of Wisdom


The Bug Bite Thing

Flip Flop Solitaire

The Office: Superfan Episodes

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Special Thanks to the following for being AWESOME!

Jordan of the Wreck My Podcast! crew!

Jake for being a great Friend, Twitch Mod and Trader of Beers!

Sal for being the best letter writer/Tud challenger/beer sender ever!

Larissa for being the ULTIMATE handle giver of the podcast!

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